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About Quattro

Quattro Background
Targeted Growth

Quattro Consulting Inc. helps resolve complex, strategy-oriented business questions related to achieving real growth.

Strategic Focus

We work with CEOs and Senior Management Teams on external issues relating to their markets (both US and International) and competitors (both direct and modality).

Manufacturers Only

We work exclusively with clients in medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic markets.


We have been assisting clients as a strategy boutique for more than a decade, since our founding in 1992.

Client Diversity

We have worked successfully with companies ranging from large multinationals to venture-backed start-ups.

Project Leaders = Senior Partners

You probably have seen some consulting firms sell their service through senior partners but then deliver services through more junior staff.

Quattro is different.

Our senior people always lead each team. At Quattro we believe clients get better solutions this way. With extensive healthcare experience comes the ability to go deeper, to be more creative, to bring more insight. Because our senior partners are integral to the projects we undertake, clients benefit from getting perceptive, practical, experienced leadership.

Quattro Managing Directors

Patrick MotrekPatrick Mrotek
Patrick Mrotek has provided strategic advice to Chief Executive Officers, Board members, and senior management teams in the medical industry for over two decades. He was a co-Founder in 1992 of Quattro Consulting Inc. During Patrick’s tenure as a Managing Director of Quattro, he has led an extensive array of strategy development teams, successfully identifying opportunities and navigating risks in both US and international markets. Under his leadership, Quattro teams earned their reputation for thorough research, rigorous analysis, candid discussion, and compelling results. In his work Patrick has carefully researched and reviewed thousands of primary and secondary information sources on a wide array of medical conditions, therapies and surgeries. Before Quattro, Patrick was with Bain & Company where he also worked in the healthcare practice. His undergraduate degree is from Auburn University, Montgomery. While there he received his BS in Mathematics with Highest Honors. Patrick subsequently completed his MBA at Stanford University Graduate School of Business in Palo Alto, California.

Ann ColisterRuth Ann Colister
Ann is a co-Founder and Managing Director of Quattro Consulting Inc. In her work at Quattro since 1992 Ann has fostered the company’s highly creative yet pragmatic approach to solving complex strategy issues facing medical companies, from Fortune 500 firms to start-ups. For more than 20 years, on behalf of Quattro clients she has personally interviewed thousands of physicians in the US, Europe and Asia across a vastly diverse range of medical topics. Distilling insights from the divergent opinions inherent in medicine has given Ann a unique perspective on the challenges companies face in making vital growth decisions. Before founding Quattro, Ann worked as a consultant in Bain & Company’s healthcare practice. Prior to healthcare, she was a Captain and Company Commander in the US Army. Ann also has the distinction of being a member of the first class of women at West Point, and she holds a BS in Engineering from there. She received her MBA from Stanford University. As a proponent of children’s fitness and health, Ann also founded Emerald City Academy, a San Diego-based athletic and character enhancing program for girls.

Example Growth Strategy Projects in Healthcare

Bariatric Growth Strategy

For leading medical devices maker, analyzed organic competitive position and growth potential in bariatric surgery, especially how to gain share against direct competitors based on extensive physician and hospital feedback.  Built market model to quantify value of licensing opportunity with alternative product

Spine Acquisition Strategy

Defined alternatives for how major manufacturer could enter into and gain share in the spine market.  Mapped market landscape to help analyze and prioritize opportunities and target acquisition companies within existing spine products and new technologies

Wound Therapy Growth Opportunity 

For company with base business in both acute care and alternate site care (i.e., long term care, rehab facilities, home care), evaluated new growth potential for innovative wound care technology against leading competitors across all sites of care.  Built market model to quantify value and prioritize segments

Interventional Radiology Acquisition Hunt

Defined potential acquisition growth paths that would build on client’s existing base of business and knowledge within vascular products and dialysis.  Used thought leader input to help evaluate possible target companies

Gynecology Opportunity Assessment

Examined and quantified growth potential within key new procedures in gynecology across sites of care: hospital, physician office, ambulatory surgery center.  Assessed attractiveness of acquisition targets after incorporating feedback from patients, physicians, and hospital staff

White Space Growth Strategy 

For surgical products maker, developed detailed market map to evaluate possible white space growth paths (e.g., within pulmonology, thoracic surgery, cardiology, oncology, orthopaedics, urology, etc).  Screened 500+ companies incorporating market data and thought leader input

Cardiac Landscape and Opportunity 

Evaluated possible product line extensions within cardiac surgery and electrophysiology,  focused on understanding and quantifying potential from unmet clinical needs

Reprocessing Strategy 

Used extensive hospital interviews to assess and quantify scope and depth of future reprocessing.  Determined financial implications of growth, and assessed strategic alternative competitive actions

European and Asian Orthopaedic Growth Potential

In UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan sized the growth opportunity for key total joint devices.  Evaluated multiple acquisition opportunities in Europe to bring select new EU products to US market and expand European share

For more project examples, see Quattro Merger-Acquisition Growth and Quattro Organic Growth.

Laser Focus

You may have hired outside consultants that you had to educate before they could really begin doing effective work for you.

Because of our industry focus and healthcare experience,
Quattro is different.

Quattro Laser FocusSince we know our way around the healthcare industry, we get to the heart of business issues quickly. We’re fast. We’re on-point. Because we know the lay of the land, our clients count on us to bring sharp clarity to their critical strategic questions.


Predicting Customer Behavior

What, When, and Why?

You’ve probably heard presentations from consultants who didn’t really understand your business. Perhaps their information may have even been good, just a bit too thin.

Quattro is different.

Predicting Customer BehaviorWe believe successful growth strategy depends on a core understanding of customer and clinical issues as well as competitive challenges. Quattro interviewers routinely probe with customers, going deeper to ferret out growth opportunities. We also maintain a database of thousands of healthcare decision-makers who we have interviewed over the years: Providers, Payers, Business Managers, Surgeons, Nurses, Specialists, Generalists, Community Practitioners, Preeminent Thought-Leaders. All major geographic markets: US, Europe, Asia. We always thoroughly mine customer feedback. Good growth strategy depends on it.

What's the Financial Impact

Perhaps your consultants have given you conclusions that seemed too qualitative or even that sounded like glittering generalities.

At Quattro, our content is different.

Medical ConsultantsWe insist on marrying precise, quantitative rigor with thorough customer and competitor insight. For example, in order to meaningfully size a ‘large opportunity’, we might model revenue and profit growth in key market segments (product or geographic), starting with procedures in each segment and incorporating interview-derived changes in growth rate, ASP and share. Our goal is always to use the discipline of ‘the numbers’ to target sources of growth.

Collaborative, Not 'Clingy'

You may be aware that some strategy consulting firms have a reputation for being ‘clingy’, something like a shadow management team. They may seem to be ‘always around’, participating in most every meeting.

At Quattro, our style is different.

CollaborationOf course, we always work collaboratively and interactively with our clients: to frame a project, discuss interim results, incorporate organizational capabilities into strategy. But importantly, the essence of our work is external – on customers, competitors and markets. We pride ourselves in the creation of frank, relevant, unvarnished insights. For a client’s management team we want to be an asset, never a replacement.