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Organic Growth

Customer Segmentation & Strategy Definition


Apparently Large Market. Why Disappointing Performance?

Dental System Cosmetic BenefitsDentCo manufactures a new, potentially industry-transforming, dental system that provides patients both cosmetic and medical benefits.

Despite much market optimism and praise from patients about its products, the company had substantially underperformed versus its revenue expectations and had suffered considerable losses.

A new CEO had taken the helm, and with key new members of management had begun to make major improvements in cost position.


With Costs Controlled, How to Find Real Growth?

Costs Control in Product StrategiesWith costs coming under control, the management team had a need to define a clear path to capitalize on its potential. But among senior managers there were numerous (and differing) opinions about how to achieve growth.

The company had an abundance of market research and "customer information"; but as far as focusing the company choices, nothing was clear.

The CEO hired Quattro to help develop customer product strategies to drive profitable growth.


Prioritize Customer Segments. Quantify Profit Impact.

Targetted Technology & Customer SegmentationsWorked with DentCo to define the alternative customer groups where the technology could be targeted and specific actions which might improve penetration.

Extensively interviewed potential customers in order to create an actionable customer segmentation scheme and to define how usage drivers and barriers differed by segment. Developed a detailed Market Model to quantify and rank the revenue potential by customer segment and penetration action.

Used the analysis to help prioritize company’s near-term marketing and product plans as well as core elements of DentCo’s long-term growth strategy.

Doctor Examining XrayCompelling Strategy. Large Increase in Company Value.

DentCo began implementing key growth initiatives immediately and within six months of project completion, DentCo's market cap had increased more than 200%.